Online meeting: four people on a computer screen. Photo.

Virtual delegation

The 14th ISIA delegation was bound for India in May, but had to find new ways – which turned out successful.
Indian man wearing face mask. looking at a cellphone. Photo.

Massive Indian response to combat Covid-19

Government has issued stimulus packages to counter the economic stress caused by the pandemic.

ISIA in Indian media

Newspapers and TV covered ISIA activities in India in November.

Five new ISIA members

Swedish innovators are onboard the next delegation trip to India.

Powering rural India with mini-grids

A single light bulb can make a big difference for a fruit vendor.

Electric vehicles: recent developments

Launches, trials, and battery recycling policy.

India is 63rd in ease of doing business rankings

Climbed 14 rungs in the World Bank’s latest rankings.

Focus on renewable energy

Target increases, 30 gigawatt plans for Gujarat and Rajasthan

Smart meter roll-out

New joint venture implements, finances and operates the programme.

Climate vulnerability map of India

Expected to be ready by the middle of 2020.

Workshop on grid reliability and EV charging

Collaboration opportunities related to future infrastructure.

Solar power ahead of target

India’s biggest solar park to be set up in Gujarat.

India's first net zero building with solar system by Sweden

PPAM's double-sided panels are used in several different ways.

CII Godrej GBC: 15 years of national contribution

The green way addresses ecological issues and also makes good business sense.

India halfway through its 175 GW renewable energy goal

The installed capacity is now around 80 gigawatts.

Indian Oil to build a 1 GW electric vehicle battery plant

The plant will use a non-lithium ion raw material that is locally available.

Indian Oil plans $3.5 billion renewable energy investment

Working on biofuels production including waste-to-energy and ethanol.

India cuts tax on electric vehicles from 12 % to 5 %

Tax for EV chargers is also reduced, according to government statement.

Focus on EVs opens opportunities for Swedish companies

Indian focus has shifted to two- and three-wheelers and buses.

The secrets to success in India

It is time for new companies to apply for the ISIA program. Application is open until 30 August.

Altered's nozzles help Mumbai restaurants save water

ISIA member's revolutionary concept breaks the water up into millions of droplets.

Indian government plans tender for gravity storage plant

International companies have already shown interest.

Smart meters on their way to 100 % penetration

Massive installations are expected in India within the coming five years.

Ambitious aims for renewable energy

Investments to increase capacity continue.

Biofuels usage increases

The government has started a program to provide financial support to bioethanol manufacturers in India.

NTPC and Power Grid form joint venture

Plan to set up national electricity distribution company.

Electric vehicles update

ABB is ready to bring in fast chargers to India.

Smart grid tools attract Indian customers

Mutual process takes time but improves the conditions for long partnerships.

India climbs on ranking for climate work

Solar cells are the fastest growing energy technology, and the country is the fourth largest wind power installer in the world.

Ostro, Temasek and EQT set up clean energy firm

In talks to raise around $500 million to set up a green energy platform in India.

India is a key destination for Swedish firms

Swedish Ambassador Klas Molin attended the India-Sweden Innovations Accelerator workshop in Hyderabad.

Success for Indian biogas tender

By 2023, India will have built 5,000 plants for compressed biogas, which will replace oil.

All aboard for the next ISIA trip

Altered, SaltX and Xlit/Modio are the newest members, travelling to India on 8–15 May with the ISIA programme.

Solar power update

Floating solar power plants are planned for Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Lakshadweep.

Internet of Things in India

Countrywide IoT will manage the chaos in India's booming cities.

Energy efficiency impacts climate change

Action plan to cut down demand for refrigeration and cooling, which cause 10% of global CO2 emissions.

Focus on biofuels

India focuses on advanced biofuels and Uttar Pradesh sets up five projects.

INR 1.75 billion for renewable energy research

The objective is to promote indigenous technology development and manufacture.

India in third position in LEED green buildings

Residential projects will drive the growth in the next few years.

Smart grids pave the way

ABB project at IIT Roorkee, and 10 MW li-ion system will pave way for the future.

India's first li-ion battery “gigafactory” for electric cars

Will ensure lower component costs as well as self-sufficiency.

Electric vehicles on the rise

The Indian government plans to promote the mass adoption of EVs.

Smart metering will make India more energy efficient

There is an ambition that, by 2022, 70% of all homes in Asia will be connected via smart meters.

New code for energy efficiency in buildings

Government of India launches building code for residential buildings

Space technology transfer to Indian industry

ISRO has shortlisted 14 companies interested in its lithium ion cell technology.

India is #2 globally in renewable energy

A climb of three spots in the 2018 Climatescope report.

Indian Business Culture: Seeing is believing

A delegation of 16 Swedish companies visited India recently and learned of local business culture.

Unique showroom in Delhi

Swedish energy solutions are on display for customers and stakeholders in India.

Two MoU signings

Important agreements with Indian partners for Spowdi and Swedish Neutral.

A new innovative delegation about to take flight

, ,
Three new companies are now part of ISIA, and a one-of-a-kind showroom is ready for inauguration.

EU and India to join forces

The EU aims to reinforce EU-India strategic partnerships.

Great potential for smartgrid solutions

India is the world's third largest energy market and the electricity grid is in an extreme expansion phase.

Renewable energy at all-time high in India

Contributed a record 13.4% in August 2018. The share is thought to triple by 2023.

India is No 77 in the World Bank's "Ease of Doing Business 2019"

The country has climbed 23 places from the previous year.

India joins collaboration on new and alternate fuels

Likely to bring down emissions and achieve higher fuel efficiency in the transport sector.

$13 million grant to promote end-use energy efficiency

Will finance energy-efficient lights in streets and homes and energy-efficient water pumps across India.

New measures to facilitate small-scale entrepreneurship

Initiative aims to increase credit and market access, liberalize labour law and simplify environmental work.

Green rating system for ‘Net Zero Energy’ buildings

The focus is reducing the annual energy consumption by 40–50 per cent.

Groundbreaking order for Metrum

Tata Power, one of the foremost power companies in India, has placed an initial order for 20 systems.

5,000 new biogas plants

Massive investment in the next five years, says Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

Solar power gets major push

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has announced major progress on tackling climate change.

UN 'Champion of the Earth' award for PM Modi

Shares the award with Emmanuel Macron, President of France.

Energy savings exceed 30% of target

More than 400 large industries improved energy efficiency under PAT scheme.

Subsidies for all electric vehicles

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to unveil the FAME II scheme on September 7.

Upcoming events

Two interesting conferences will take place in the Delhi area in September and October.

India's renewable investments near $20 billion

For the first time, investing in India’s renewable energy sector surpassed that of traditional fossil fuel-based power production.

Biofuel policy

A new important document from the Indian government.

Aili's commitments in India continue

Ongoing cooperation with Tata Power-DDL, Raidco and Chemtrols.

Biogas plants will put Delhi's waste to good use

Ten plants will be set up to generate electricity and enriched organic manure from waste.

Pamoja brings smart cleantech to Tezpur university

Demo version of hybrid renewable energy system and smart grid to be installed. Goal: zero diesel.

Problem waste turns into lucrative business

Fungus converts toxic sludge into environmentally smart ethanol.

Battery swapping project to be launched in 2018

CleanMotion and Fortum have signed an agreement on battery swap systems for light electric vehicles in India.

Aili’s water pumps to be used in three projects

Different applications in Mumbai, Bihar and Kerala, each of which offers special challenges and opportunities.

Biogas replaces diesel – at half the cost

India's first two microgrids entirely powered by biogas can be found in the state of Bihar.

Four new members

The India Sweden Innovations' Accelerator welcomes four new members, who will all take part in the forthcoming trip to India in mid-April: Airec, Bioprocess Control, Elpanneteknik and FMTP Power.

India Smart Grid Week 2018: Swedish workshop generates interest

Swedish companies established good personal contacts with key players from the private and public sectors.

World's largest solar park

A 2,000 MW solar park was launched in Karnataka on 1 March. The solar project is spread over 13,000 acres and five villages in the Tumakuru district.

Sweden plays leading role in India Smart Grid Week

The conference and exhibition on smart energy and smart cities takes place 5–9 March in New Delhi.

Collaboration with Indian states is paving the way for new opportunities

"We are focusing on the most progressive Indian states," says Pawan Tahlani at Business Sweden.

Metrum adds new capital and doubles number of employees

Artificial Intelligence will be further developed for use in electricity power quality.

Pilot project on the horizon for a unique water pump

Aili's goal is to deliver five million solar-powered water pump systems within a five-year period.

The best will be even better with Regin's system

Regin has been commissioned to optimise energy use in the Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre in Hyderabad, which already has LEED Platina certification.

Hyderabad workshop in the media

The Hindu BusinessLine reports from the Innovations’ Accelerator workshop which took place in Hyderabad on 22 November.

To India on clean business

Working more closely with particular states is a way of developing the programme by looking for new ways and points of contact.

New members

The India Sweden Innovations Accelerator is pleased to welcome two new members; Aili Innovation and Solvina.

Smart City Sweden

On 8 May, almost 100 people attended the inauguration of Smart City Sweden in its new venue in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm. The Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg, held the opening speech and cut the blue and yellow ribbon.

India Smart Grid Week 2017

India Smart Grid Week 7–10 March 2017 (ISGW) was the third edition of the conference cum exhibition on smart grids and smart cities, organized by India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) and powered by the Swedish Energy Agency, a key partner for the conference.

Innovation Race Bootcamp

The main purpose of ISIRB (India Sweden Innovation Race Bootcamp) was to encourage cooperation between Swedish and Indian actors through Swedish innovation power and Indian entrepreneurship, exchange ideas, find new collaboration and identify obstacles.

News Archive

Breaking through; the need for efficiency awareness

Still a long way to go in India, before energy efficiency goes mainstream. India is working on two fronts to meet the rapidly increasing energy demand, with strong commitment to both renewable energy production and energy efficiency. ...

More Power to Wind

The southern state of Tamil Nadu has the largest installed wind capacity in India at close to 8000 MW, and till 2012 was touted as the prime example of wind energy’s supremacy over other renewable forms in the country. ...

Local knowledge will be key in developing a successful project

Hurdles for project devleopment can be easily overcome if we work to understand local needs. Jonas Trader from STRI, an independent consultancy working in the area of high voltage testing for renewable energy and micro grid projects, ...

Team MAKSUS are looking to simplify O&M

Current systems on the islands are wasteful. We want to make a product that is efficient. Mikael Kullman, Director of MAKSUS Consulting AB and lead project manager for the Andaman pilot for Team Maksus talks about project ...

Investors’ Roundtable and Networking

On April 25th, the India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator, together with TIE Delhi-NCR and Business Sweden hosted discussions between companies and investors. The discussions were lively, challenging and reconfirmed India’s interest ...

WeSchool and ISIA Symposium

On April 23rd, The India Sweden Innovations Accelerator programme, together with the Welingkar School of Management, Mumbai, hosted an interactive discussion about the need for constant development in the field of ...

Global Innovation Technology Alliance (GITA)

GITA brings together innovation and business experts from around the world to share ideas and develop partnerships. The Swedish Energy Agency was one of the sponsors for 2013.

CII Workshop B2B Meetings

The Confederation of Indian Industries – Green Building Centre, hosted the focused B2B matchmaking of the India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator bringing together over 100 companies from Indian industry.

Solar Centre

The Swedish Innovations Team visited the Solar Energy Centre with MNRE, to understand the steps India is taking in developing solar capacity.

Nobel Memorial Week

In 2012, as part of the India-Sweden Nobel Memorial Week, held in Delhi and organised by the Embassy of Sweden, the first phase of the India Sweden Innovation Programme was launched – in the presence of the Minister of Enterprise, Ms ...

The SP Team focus will leverage applied research supported by field experts

SP, with eight project partners, will work together to find sustainable alternatives to diesel on the Andamans. SP Group, a research institute based in Sweden, is one of the first research institutes to become part of the India Sweden Innovations ...

CSR – possible missing link for clean energy development taken off the table

The Amendment to the Companies Act 2013 is no longer mandatory. Although CSR has been in place in India for some time, it was not done through mandatory legal mechanisms. In 2014, this changed. An amendment to the Companies ...

More Governance, Less Government

The BJP Government makes clear its commitment to a Reform agenda. Both India and Sweden have new governments. Both have had elections in 2014 and are looking at news ways of continuing growth. On January 30th, 2015 India and ...

Companies have to be born global

Welingkar School of Management hosts interactive discussions to demonstrate the value of the TRIPLE HELIX model of business development. The discussion forum held at WeSchool, Mumbai, moderated by Srikant Illuri from Business ...

WeSchool Students tour Sweden – what they have to say might surprise you

11 students spent 11 days in Sweden to understand business and innovation. What they came away with was a respect for equality and the importance of being able to swim. In April 2014, the India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator tied up ...

Seeing is believing; The delegation reaches Mumbai

Swedish companies reach Mumbai for the last stop of this visit. The last ten days has brought partnerships closer and gone a long way to build trust between India and Sweden actors. The last stop on the FG3 road tour was Mumbai on ...

Delhi stop showcases partnerships underway with India and Focus Group 3 companies.

Delhi discussions confirm that Sweden companies are committed to working with India. Partnerships are underway and the interest to expand is strong. The second stop of the India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator, Focus Group 3 (FG3), ...

Sweden Showcase at CII Energy Efficiency Summit

The India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator opened its third tour of India in Hyderabad, with nine Swedish innovation companies ready to participate in India’s high growth economy. The India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator programme, ...

Electricity on the Move

Volvo Group announces that, in cooperation with Swedish Energy Agency, it’s preparing a new initiative to put electric buses on the streets of Gothenburg. Sweden has been running public transport on biogas for some time, but Volvo ...

Renewable energy needs equal partnership between public and private

Nicholas Anderson argues about secure channels of public finance for renewable energy and clean technology development in India. Nicholas Anderson, Independent Financial Advisor and Former Senior Vice President at Swedish ...

Imagining Next 35 years

Jonathan Porritt’s new fiction ‘The World We Made’, set in 2050 narrates a possible energy future. Jonathan Porritt, founder of ‘The Forum For The Future’ takes refuge in a fiction set in 2050 to write the history of next 35 years. His ...

Prices paramount in the clean energy debate

Ms Anna Lindstedt, Sweden’s Climate Ambassador takes us behind Sweden’s ambition for Climate Cooperation Interview excerpt: Innovations’ Accelerator (IA): The discussions around climate change have brought in increasing role ...

The Sky Is the Limit; India’s solar ambition set to increase pace

India’s Prime Minister has an impressive track record of state solar energy development. This looks set to be replicated at the national level. India’s surface area receives large amounts of solar radiation, making it highly conducive to the ...

Smart Grid: Its all relative

India’s Smart Grid Week kicks off next week. What is a smart grid from an Indian perspective? On March 3rd, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch India’s Smart Grid Week. Alongside Ministers and technical experts, the week will ...

Holding a Light for Off grid

In Conversation with Kristina Linhardt, CEO, HiNation. The off-grid market is growing fast in India. Private players are entering with innovative business models, and new technologies. Kristina Linhardt, CEO of HiNation talks about the ...

Mahindra seeking the sun

Indian auto-giant commits $732 million towards solar development. On January 26th, Mahindra Group announced that it will push for increased solar development within its renewables vertical and to commission 500MW by 2016 . This will ...

Solar Islands

Remote rural communities’ energy ambition pushes off-grid solar, despite lack of govt. support. ‘Off grid power’ was unknown concept in the Eastern Indian state of West Bengal, even to the power engineers, when off-grid solar power first ...

A generous, concentrated push

India to provide boost to concentrated solar power and concentrated solar technology, hoping sloar energy use will intensify. With the launch of India’s first concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in November 2013, the country seems to ...

Being one-step ahead is the key to success

Petr Vasiliev, CEO, NeoZeo AB, talks about the importance of finding new markets NeoZeo AB is a relatively small company in the biogas landscape. They have used their size to their advantage. Petr Vasiliev, CEO, NeoZeo, talks about the importance of ‘finding your niche’, business strategy for shock resistant energy ...

The win-win case of Waste to Energy

FOV Biogas’ small, easy to move, cost-effective plants are making a change in the way waste-to-energy is being understood in the Indian context. Director Joseph Vimal Arulappan talks about the strategic decisions FOV has made as it ...

Energetic partnership

Lund University signs agreement with Bio-Energy Centre of India’s biggest energy company. Lund University and the DBT-IOC Centre for Bioenergy at Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) have signed a partnership agreement on the ...

Biomass as India’s solution to energy access

Effective use of widely available sources of biomass in India can go a long way to tipping the balance towards sustainable energy production and equitable energy access. The combustion of biomass is essential to our product because it makes ...

Business benefits from Green Buildings

India’s interest in green building solutions is growing, and Regin is ready to capitalise. India is a huge market for energy efficient solutions. Regin works with sustainable solutions for smart energy usage which is critical for India today. Stefan ...

Solar’s new market is on your roof

The rooftop solar market in India has grown by 66 per cent in the 2015. With this new market opening up, technology solutions are going to be key to move the market forward. In June 2015, India increased its solar target to 100 GW by ...

Squaring the circle; grid stability and renewable energy

Increasing injection of grid connected renewable energy can be a challenge when the grid is weak. India has set ambitious targets for grid connected renewable energy production. The country’s grid currently experiences high losses ...