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Wattguard International

Established in 2010 in Sweden, Wattguard International AB now run companies in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Portugal.

Wattguard offer a B-t-B Lighting Solution for high-ceiling buildings and light installations, that facilitate an instant and significant saving on electricity of 40%.

Due to the Wattguard Technology the lifetime of the installed light units expand immensely, leading to lower operational cost.

Unlike technologies like LED and Electronic Ballasts, Wattguard provide a No Investment, Second-to-None Light Quality and low level of Maintenance.

And with more than 300 successfully operating installations of its product, the company looks to go wider afield.


Wattguard is a lighting technology that provide savings through increase efficiency within light units. The Wattguard system is installed in a central spot alongside the main power supply of a building, and connected to the light circuits it facilitate a higher Lumen/Watt in the installed light units, and thus enable a reduction in the effect and electricity consumption.

It meets the increasing need for reduced energy consumption in private companies and public organizations.

Installing the Wattguard solution has several advantages:

  • Energy consumption and carbon emissions in fluorescent lighting environments (including Metal Halide and Sodium Vapor) are reduced by 35–45%, with only a minor or no effect on illumination;
  • Installation takes less than a working day and does not interfer with the operation
  • Installation enables direct savings, because there is no need to change existing equipment.
  • Savings can be made without investment due to a very attractive rental scheme
  • Maintenance costs are reduced as the lifetime of light units are extended

Why India?

Wattguard CCO Finn Christensen explains why: ‘We work with quick wins. And we understand that this is a perfect fit with the Indian market.’

How? ‘Our product works with legacy systems with minimal retrofitting. You can buy the equipment, but you can also rent the equipment and start saving energy. Or even use it with new installations. No payments are made until savings are demonstrated.’

‘The beauty of this is the ease at which our technology can be scaled. Industrial application or street lighting, all is possible.’

What is Wattguard looking for in India? ‘We are looking for local distributors to improve the bottom line for customers. A key team is on hand to ensure operations and management, but we are confident that after 6 months of oversight, all systems will be independent.’


Wattguard is primarily looking for partners to run a Wattguard representation in India as Master Licensee.

Specific interest

  • Local Indian distributor with appropriate network and supporting capacity;
  • Potential investors and early adopters.


  • Wattguard has a proven concept, ready to be exported and rolled-out;
  • A strong Value Proposition, Business Model and product;
  • Wattguard has developed full Ready-for-Business packages, including sales, marketing and delivery tool-boxes. These will enable the right partner to initiate a Wattguard operation in India, with little lead time and with a significant return.

Key team

Finn Christensen, Director and Chief Commercial Officer


Wattguard International
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