Originating from ABB Kabeldon, Sweden in the middle 80’s, Unipower AB has developed a competitive edge within the field of Power Quality Systems, having today more than 30 Years of experience.

Unipower offers a wide range of products, systems and services to measure and analyze Power Quality data with the highest accuracy class, certified IEC Class A instruments. The powerful system, PQ Secure, provides the user with all needed data to identify, support and prioritize actions towards increased power efficiency and smarter use of available capacity. The powerful system further supports identification of needed preventive actions to avoid malfunctions and power outages.

The management system monitor and store all Power Quality data at all time to a central data base. Any identified disturbance from a split of a second to many years and many meters trend data can be uploaded in a few seconds for deeper analyze at any time, which makes the PQ Secure management system unique on the market.

Other functions such as fully automatic alarm system, trigged by any deviation to limits decided by the user or grid code protocols and automatic Power Quality report generation, are part of the management system. The system can even be programmed to i.e. shutdown a load if a measured parameter deviates from a given interval.

Another fundament of Unipower is the competence transfer to the user. The user will step by step become an expert in Power Quality by the support and education from the training and support engineers.


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Why India?

The Government of India follow a very ambitious scheme to reach the hundreds of million people, still lacking reliable or any electrical power, which drives investments in generation, transmission down to distribution.

Furthermore, India has today a fast growing “middle-class” adding i.e. AC coolers to their homes as well as the on-going change from more traditional fuel for cooking (fuelwood) to electrical stoves, which challenge available capacity even more.

In 2017 India is among the top 5 in the world regarding both electric power production and consumption, with an increasing part generated by renewable sources, driving the growth of a more complex grid structure.

In addition, India has a high IT competence and well developed communication network around the country which makes communication between the Power Quality meter at sight, the local Data Base server or Cloud service and the Users easier, wherever the Users may be located.

All this together makes India one of the most attractive markets in the world for the Power Quality systems and Services Unipower AB offer.

Today Unipower AB have representatives in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Peter Andersson Managing Director
Johan Brodén Area Sales Manager