Specificate Innovation

Specificate Innovation is a high-tech company focused on Energy Storage (mainly Lithium Batteries) and electrification of Vehicles including motors, inverters, chargers and safety critical control systems. The company has a product line with modular and flexible lithium batteries called BatteryBrix. The concept makes it possible to in a very cost efficient way provide Vehicles OEMs, Solar and UPS customers with state of the art system. The BatteryBrix products simnifically reduces the project and integrations times for new sites. The technology is optimised for getting the lowest possible cost per kWh by having a simple and robust design and by using advanced software and electronics. The production will be done locally for the Indian market by India based partners. Specificate Innovation also provides development services towards industrial customers including product set up and certification. Reference customers are Swedish Industrial companies. A special service is Customer Value Development that is a high level innovation service that provides insight for new product development based on both customer needs and technology advancements.The company is based in Göteborg and has in total 10 people excluding production. Specificate Innovation has extensive skills and knowledge regarding System Design, Electronics, Embedded Software, System Mechanics and Data Analysis.

Why India?

Our goal is to sell products and services in India to reach a growing market. Furthemore the production will be based India to get cost advantages.
We look for partners that are active in the renewable industry and/or the vehicle industry with an extensive market network. We are also looking for direct customers like Vehicle OEMS, Solar System Integrators Telecom Operators and Power Companies.

Key team

Torbjörn Sundström, COB
Dag Lundström, CEO


Specificate Innovation AB
Fabriksgatan 7
412 50  Göteborg