Regin was founded in 1947, and has become a key player, serving integrators, installers and OEM-clients in over 90 countries, with offices in 14 countries.

Regin develops one of the broadest product ranges for energy efficient building automation, from advanced SCADA systems to sensors and transmitters. Product development is based on client input and an understanding of entire buildings. Thus, Regin offers energy smart solutions for all kinds of applications. One result is the unique innovation CLOUDigo, a pre-configured web based facility management system for heating/cooling/ventilation control in e.g. commercial buildings, which eliminates complex engineering and saves time.

Regin is looking for System Integrators, and can offer:

  • A complete product portfolio from sensor to SCADA
  • Partnership with Regin, a large BMS company with a complete portfolio.
  • Regin is looking for a partner, not a customer. We prefer to co-operate and support you, where your role is to handle BMS projects
  • Regin delivers hardware and support, and you handle installation, commissioning, after sales and services, programming of controllers etc.