More than 50% of the world’s energy is wasted as heat, making it one of the biggest untapped sources of energy. With Climeon Ocean, this energy can be converted into clean electricity at record high efficiencies. Within the renewable energy industry this clean electricity is referred to as heat power.


Climeon’s award-winning C3 Technology converts waste heat into usable electrical energy. The installation requires only three connections, a hot source (waste heat such as hot water), a cold source and a power connection. On the hot side, the unit operates at temperatures between 70 and 120 °C, temperatures that were previously unfeasible for this type of technology. The cold side is typically between 5 and 40 °C and can be sourced from cooling tower (wet or dry), or water from a natural source (river, lake or ocean).

For customers, the result is a robust system that is simple to operate and maintain. Climeon Ocean has a modular design, where each system consists of one or many 150 kW modules (2 x 2 x 2 meter). In order to generate more power, you increase the number of modules. The modular design allows the system to adapt to fluctuating heat conditions ensuring excellent partial load performance and superior efficiency.

The record waste-heat to electricity efficiencies behind Climeon Ocean can make heat power more economical than fossil fuelled electricity, resulting in short pay-back times and emission reductions of 900 tons CO2 per module and year. This led to Climeon winning the WWF Climate Solver award in 2016.

Several industries are already reaping the benefits of Climeon Ocean. One example is the steel producer, SSAB which is currently producing clean electricity from their waste heat at their production site in Borlänge.

Head Quarters:

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Why India

India rapid rise as a world player brings with it an increased need for energy. One of the challenges is how to decouple growth from an increased reliance on the planets finite resources.

Climeon wants to be a part of making India a global innovation leader in clean energy, creating better business for Indian companies and contributing to a more sustainable world.

Climeon is looking for customers willing to take the lead in clean technology in India.

There are so many industries out there today currently throwing away heat, basically throwing away money. India being a global player in heavy industry such as steel and cement production could see great economic and environmental improvements by turning their waste heat into useful electricity.  As part of its long term commitment to the Indian market, Climeon looks forward to reinvesting resources locally to foster partner and employment opportunities.

Key Team

Christoffer Andersson, Executive Board Advisor

Christoffer is driving Climeon’s International expansion and structure for growth. He holds a MSc degree in Automation Control and has over 15 years of international business experience. 2007-2010 he served as Vice President for Ericsson India, based in New Delhi.

Dr. Rakshith Sachitanand, Technical Sales

Rakshith hails from Bangalore and moved to Sweden in 2007 to learn about sustainable energy, with a dream of being involved in global energy system transformation. 10 years and a PhD later, he is playing an active role in helping customers identify opportunities to deploy heat power across industry sectors.

Dean Tosic, Head of Sales – Industries

Dean spent over 14 years working for Ericsson where he held various leading positions within sales management and business consulting. He has extensive international experience from Northern and Central Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Dean holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköpings Institute of Technology.

Carl Aberg, Head of Sales – Steel

Carl has a solid background within the Alfa Laval group where he was a Sales engineer within the Process technology division. He has broad and extensive experience within Nordic industry and has dealt with complex sales of heat transfer solutions.