Online meeting: four people on a computer screen. Photo.

Virtual delegation

The 14th ISIA delegation was bound for India in May, but had to find new ways – which turned out successful.
Indian man wearing face mask. looking at a cellphone. Photo.

Massive Indian response to combat Covid-19

Government has issued stimulus packages to counter the economic stress caused by the pandemic.
Swedish and Indian flags. Photo.

Five new ISIA members

Swedish innovators are onboard the next delegation trip to India.
Solar panels in a rural village. Photo taken from above.

Powering rural India with mini-grids

A single light bulb can make a big difference for a fruit vendor.
People sitting around a meeting table, a man is speaking into a microphone. Photo.

Workshop on grid reliability and EV charging

Collaboration opportunities related to future infrastructure.
Solar panels and roof seen from underneath. Photo.

India's first net zero building with solar system by Sweden

PPAM's double-sided panels are used in several different ways.
About twenty Indian and Swedish people at the inauguration. Photo.

CII Godrej GBC: 15 years of national contribution

The green way addresses ecological issues and also makes good business sense.
Three people riding in a small electric vehicle. Photo.

Focus on EVs opens opportunities for Swedish companies

Indian focus has shifted to two- and three-wheelers and buses.
Map of India. Illustration.

The secrets to success in India

It is time for new companies to apply for the ISIA program. Application is open until 30 August.
Swedish man demonstrates equipment to ten Indian men. Photo.

Smart grid tools attract Indian customers

Mutual process takes time but improves the conditions for long partnerships.