Unique showroom in Delhi

Swedish energy solutions are on display for customers and stakeholders in India.

Two MoU signings

Important agreements with Indian partners for Spowdi and Swedish Neutral.

A new innovative delegation about to take flight

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Three new companies are now part of ISIA, and a one-of-a-kind showroom is ready for inauguration.

EU and India to join forces

The EU aims to reinforce EU-India strategic partnerships.

Great potential for smartgrid solutions

India is the world's third largest energy market and the electricity grid is in an extreme expansion phase.

Renewable energy at all-time high in India

Contributed a record 13.4% in August 2018. The share is thought to triple by 2023.

India is No 77 in the World Bank's "Ease of Doing Business 2019"

The country has climbed 23 places from the previous year.

India joins collaboration on new and alternate fuels

Likely to bring down emissions and achieve higher fuel efficiency in the transport sector.

$13 million grant to promote end-use energy efficiency

Will finance energy-efficient lights in streets and homes and energy-efficient water pumps across India.

New measures to facilitate small-scale entrepreneurship

Initiative aims to increase credit and market access, liberalize labour law and simplify environmental work.