Altered's nozzles help Mumbai restaurants save water

ISIA member's revolutionary concept breaks the water up into millions of droplets.

Indian government plans tender for gravity storage plant

International companies have already shown interest.

Smart meters on their way to 100 % penetration

Massive installations are expected in India within the coming five years.

Ambitious aims for renewable energy

Investments to increase capacity continue.

Biofuels usage increases

The government has started a program to provide financial support to bioethanol manufacturers in India.

NTPC and Power Grid form joint venture

Plan to set up national electricity distribution company.

Electric vehicles update

ABB is ready to bring in fast chargers to India.

Smart grid tools attract Indian customers

Mutual process takes time but improves the conditions for long partnerships.

India climbs on ranking for climate work

Solar cells are the fastest growing energy technology, and the country is the fourth largest wind power installer in the world.

Ostro, Temasek and EQT set up clean energy firm

In talks to raise around $500 million to set up a green energy platform in India.