Smart grid tools attract Indian customers

Mutual process takes time but improves the conditions for long partnerships.

India climbs on ranking for climate work

Solar cells are the fastest growing energy technology, and the country is the fourth largest wind power installer in the world.

Ostro, Temasek and EQT set up clean energy firm

In talks to raise around $500 million to set up a green energy platform in India.

India is a key destination for Swedish firms

Swedish Ambassador Klas Molin attended the India-Sweden Innovations Accelerator workshop in Hyderabad.

Success for Indian biogas tender

By 2023, India will have built 5,000 plants for compressed biogas, which will replace oil.

All aboard for the next ISIA trip

Altered, SaltX and Xlit/Modio are the newest members, travelling to India on 8–15 May with the ISIA programme.

Solar power update

Floating solar power plants are planned for Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Lakshadweep.

Internet of Things in India

Countrywide IoT will manage the chaos in India's booming cities.

Energy efficiency impacts climate change

Action plan to cut down demand for refrigeration and cooling, which cause 10% of global CO2 emissions.

Focus on biofuels

India focuses on advanced biofuels and Uttar Pradesh sets up five projects.