ISIA in Indian media

Newspapers and TV covered ISIA activities in India in November.

Five new ISIA members

Swedish innovators are onboard the next delegation trip to India.

Powering rural India with mini-grids

A single light bulb can make a big difference for a fruit vendor.

Electric vehicles: recent developments

Launches, trials, and battery recycling policy.

India is 63rd in ease of doing business rankings

Climbed 14 rungs in the World Bank’s latest rankings.

Focus on renewable energy

Target increases, 30 gigawatt plans for Gujarat and Rajasthan

Smart meter roll-out

New joint venture implements, finances and operates the programme.

Climate vulnerability map of India

Expected to be ready by the middle of 2020.

Workshop on grid reliability and EV charging

Collaboration opportunities related to future infrastructure.

Solar power ahead of target

India’s biggest solar park to be set up in Gujarat.